Praise God

To all my facebook characters/WIBI friends, I just talked to Shelley on the phone--on another person's cell...and everything's going great.  Baby Gabe is finally coming home Friday (tomorrow).  All's going great, and Shelley is really excited to finally have her baby home.  Thanks for the prayers.  Finally, everyone...Shelley, Steve, and Baby Gabe...can really begin their new lives as a rand new family of 3.  Shelley had been staying in the hospital when she could, so she'd actually be closer to her baby.  That's definitely a good mother, if you ask me.  Now, she can really be a mother in her own home, without medical equipment or monitors

Exciting Revolation

Prior to Pastor's message this morning, he said he was going to start something new each Sunday--giving away Bibles to the people who come to church--to encourage us to read our Bible and follow along with his sermon.  When he said this,  I asked if the Bible was in large print.  Thankfully, he said that the print in the Bible was large enough, so I thanked him for that.  I also let him know that I won't be in church next week because of my bowling tournament, and he let me know that he'll have the Bible waiting for me when I return the following week.
Later, LaTrice said she'll start giving me our songs on CD, so I can work on them for each week.  She said she's sorry for not staying on top of it, but is more than willing to make sure I have everything I need to participate as fully in church that I can.  With this help, I foresee that my participation and Bible study will increase a great deal, probably back to what it was when I first started going to church with LaTrice and her honery parents.

In Jesus' Name

"Baby Gabriel is still in hospital going on week 3. He is on medical caffeine has been for a week . It has helped him to not have anymore breathing episodes. Now Friday they are going to WEAN him off for 5 days and see how he does without caffeine. Shelley is hanging in there each day at hospital. Its hard to not bring him home yet and soo draining at the hospital every day. Keep us in your prayers."
_Linda Spann

Please continue to pray for this wonderful family.  This is such a difficult time for Shelley; I can't imagine her feelings right now with her baby sick in the hospital for almost a month.  I pray, in Jesus' name, that this family will be touched by your loving hand in their time of testing with their newborn trying so desparately to develop the ability to breathe on his own.  I hope he won't be in the hospital much longer; so, Shelley will eventually be able to take him home really soon to start a new life with a little boy.

Church Goings-on

What a total Bummer!  Today after church, I learned that our TV ministry has already been updated with 2 tapings.  It's completely unfortunate how this happened after I was definitely told that I could help with this project.  After all it was a good portion of my idea; I'd noticed just how out-of-date Living Word Ministries' "Living Word Broadcast" television show was updated.  The biggest flaw was that our contact info and service schedule was about as outdated as us being on the UIS campus for our church service on Sunday morning.
I'd been told several weeks ago that I can help; I'd been asked where I thought the Lord was leading me.  Maybe, I shouldn't have said that I wanted to be involved in front of the camera because that just hasn't happened yet.  It's very unfortunate just how I ended up missing out on the training, which wasn't really how I imagined being involved in the media aspect of our ministry.  How can I help our ministry grow if I can't physically attend media training sessions to aide in that process?
Knowing that this was my idea, why is it that I somehow haven't been able to have some form of involvement in keeping the ministry updated?  I feel like I'm being left out of what was a really good idea; I am glad I thought of it; however, Iwish I coud have some type of involvement in seeing  this all the way through.  I hope that I will eventually be able to see the project have all the TV ministry aspects renewed eventually.
I hope that, just because I have a disability--that doesn't make me less of a helper--that I will be able to help the tv ministry get going in some way.  I think that it'd be cool if I can be the #1 volunteer in this project.  As it was originally my idea, you'd think how I could help would be figured out, so I'm not left out of the awesome things that actually occur regularly.  I pray that  I soon find out just how Pastor's actually going to want me to assist with the tweeking of this ministry for as long as we have the people who are willing to keep it going.

Praise God

"I'm very pleased to announce that I have reached an agreement for a new standing wheelchair. I would sincerely like to thank my Care Management Organization, Disability Rights Wisconsin, (the state's protection and advocacy agency for people with disabilities), anybody who has attended or contributed to any Wheel's For Chad fund-raiser's, and my friends and family. This new wheelchair would not have been made possible without the tireless work and effort by all parties involved and for that, I am extremely grateful. "
_Chad Murphy-Price

This has been an ongoing battle for Chad over the past year.  With his current  chaddalac breaking down, Chad has had to make the attempt at raising enough money, since the State of Wisconsin wasn't willing to help Chad pay the large amount of money needed for purchasing the wheelchair others could only dream about..  I really don't see just how anyone could raise enough money to afford a wheelchair, especially one that actually stands in an upright position.  Chad, however, did just that.  Of course, he did have help from his friends with this challenge.
Over the course of last year, we had many fundraisers and events to raise money for this cause.  I even had my church family pray that we could get all this accomplished, so Chad could be as independent as he ever wanted to be; I couldn't really see just how he could be as independent as possible with a power wheelchair that no longer was 100% in working order.  You'd think that the State of Wisconsin would realize this great need, and they'd help out, but apparently that wasn't the case.  I'm just glad Chad's wish has finally come true after such a long time of trying so desparately to raise the money all on his own.
I thank Jesus for being so helpful in answering our prayers of Chad getting a new wheelchair when he did.
Without prayers and friends, I don't think this would've actually ben bossible.; Chad would've had great difficulty doing this totally on his own.I don't think wheelchair manufacturing companies would've just listened to Chad.  It's a good thing a lot of his friends where there to actually back him up.  All the perseverence eventually payed off in the end.  I'm glad Chad and I are good friends, and I can do whatever I possibly can to help.

Paying it Backward

I live at the Mary Bryant Home, where unexpected things happen quite frequently. In general, I help out quite regularly; normally, people ask me to lend a helping hand with various things. This day was different. The events and accounts of what happened are true; nothing is made up to cover up for what really went on yesterday amid all the craziness of our Family Reunion party. Besides helping in that area, I'm also a wonderful babysitter to one of the employees dogs. I even run occasional errands for the staff, too.

The family reunion wasn't to start until 5 yesterday afternoon. I had asked Misty, the activity director if she needed help with anything.

"No," she told me, "but I'll let you know.

Marvin Jackson, our all-around maintenance man, said the same thing. Having received that answer, I went about my usual routine of taking my medicine. I certainly didn't want to have to do a million things at once.

Finally, I decided to explore a bit, find someone to help. To surprise the activity director, I enlisted the aid of the head administrator's eldest daughter, and we helped put the final touches on the family reunion. We helped the office secretary create signs for the various food and drink items. We then taped these signs to their specific containers.

"Thanks for your help," Misty said when she saw what we were doing.

With our help, the family reunion went on without any problems, and everyone had a wonderful time.

Misty has a dog named Snickers, who is a Docksin In the afternoons, I usually come to Misty's office and keep Snickers company while his "mom" is doing any running around or paperwork she needs to get done. I sit in one of the chairs, and Snickers usually sits on my lap;sometimes, he falls asleep, and this often happens as a result of how I'm petting him or scratching him behind the ears.

"I'll be back," I'll tell Misty prior to having Snickers sit on my lap, and I'll dash away. When I return, I almost always have a treat in my hand for Snickers. When he sees that I have a treat in my hand, he usually perks up and presses his ears to his head when he sees that I have a treat to give him. Snickers usually gobbles down the treat in a matter of seconds, then looks at me as if I have more.

Sometimes, Misty will ask me to watch Snickers while she goes outside to smoke or run an errand to the office. Sometimes Snickers acts like he's going to follow his "mom", but then he decides to fall asleep on my lap.

"Will you run this to the office?" Sometimes I run things to the office for Misty. In general, I take the newspaper every weekday morning to the office; another resident used to do this before I moved in; however, I'm glad I do it now. If I didn't get this task accomplished, it would take a while for it to be completed.

Gabriel William's Progress

The newest update about Shelley's baby is that a bunch of tests were run to find out what was going wrong, why he's still having difficulty breathing sometimes. Luckily, all the test results came back normal, so I don't necessarily know what all that means. I sure hope that Baby Gabriel will be able to come home from the hospital today or sometime within the next few days. That would be good.  With the test results that are not showing any trouble, I bet Shelley and Steve are relieved to hear that nothing's wrong with their little boy.  With this good news, I bet Shelley and Steve are glad that their son is practically a healthy little boy; hopefully, this means he'll come home real soon.


WIBI's Fall Vision (Middle of Day #1)
Dear WIBI friends,

Congratulations on kicking of Vision so wonderfully.  I've seen the awesome vdes posted on your website prior to the kick-off to today's festivities, and I think it's a wonderful start to a funtastic week.  Prize ideas for this morning's gal are hilarious.  Jeremiah, did you really give up your entire CD collection for your wonderful cause?  I'm not sure I could've been so courageous to do that.  If I had favorite CDs, I think it would be difficult to part with any of them.
I've been keeping up with your progress on the website; it looks like everything is off to a wonderful run today.  I'm wating for anymore encouraging story videos to turn up on your Vision page of the website.  The stories are so inspiring that I couldn't help but to share them with some of my facebook friends yesterday.  The video with that girl in the hospital reminded me a lot of myself when I was younger nd in the hospital for orthopedic surgeries at such a young age.  The one video with that mother's story made me think of a friend of mine.
Your friend and helper forever,

P.S.  If there's any way I can volunteer for you guys, let me know

Parenthood Journey

Here's a story that tops being inspirational over the last one.  This one reminds me too much of what Shelley went through when she was trying to start a family for the very first time.  I thought that I was going to cry when I first saw the video.  I think you'll probably cry tears of joy when you see this video.  If you know someone who's having difficulty starting a family, I recommend that you share this awesome video with them.

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I wish this video had been on the website the last time Shelley was trying to start a family.  I really think she would've been inspired by all the cool stories people have been sharing with the other WIBI friends/families.  It's cool that people are able to share their testimonials with the world via the Internet.  I hope that I may be able to do that someday.  Having a disability makes me have tons of stories that I could probably share; I have stories that I'm not the least bit affraid to share with people either.

Score Increase

Dear community friends,
I have an update on the course I'm currently taking. . .
Hadley course update: On the 3rd assignment, I got a 94%. I think that's likea a high C or a very low B. I feel like I'm making great progress with the Hadley work. My grades keep improving, so I feel like I'm accomplishing wonder...ful things. I predict that my streak of high grades will definitely continue as long as I'm taking Hadley courses
I will definitely keep you updated on my progress.


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